Novel Coronavirus (Wuhan Coronavirus) case

Over 100000+ comfirmed cases by National Health Commision

According to  National Health Commission, in Wuhan ,  The number of confirmed Novel Coronavirus (Wuhan Coronavirus) case  increased from 41 cases to a total of 78,064 from January 2020 to February 2020. 

  The number of fatality   has cumulative case of 1 person  elevated to 2, 715 person in a span of a month from January 2020 .Furthermore,  for the number of patient that were quarantined because of the infection of novel-coronavirus spiked from a total of 121 people to 79,108 people also in a span of one month.

  Furthermore as a person who been through pneumonia and a lot of virus out break there are actual easy and cheaper ways to prevent our self from getting infected by the novel coronavirus. Here are some few tips.

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