Getting better, Declined in Coronavirus, Vaccine invented??

According to National health, The Cases of Novel coronavirus are getting better, There is a lot of declined in the to total number of Quarantined patient. The Fatality rate per day is also decreasing, It seems that the human body has already taken a comeback to take on novel coronavirus on our own naturally. To case study of novel Coronavirus are having a great turn and getting better.

Are the vaccine already invented yet?

There are a lot of rumors and false article telling people that the vaccine has already been invented. For a vaccine to be invented it needs to pass through many stages, currently the vaccine of novel coronavirus is under manufacturing phases which is to be tested on human.

Process of producing vaccine

Johnson & Johnson(body wsh compony) companies are launching a multipronged response against 2019-nCoV (2019 novel coronavirus). The companies will work to create a vaccine and collaborate with other laboratories to screen for possible antiviral therapies.

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